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Lakota Archery - Specifications

Bow Specs

Model Axle to Axle Riser Style Eccentrics Letoff Draw Weight (lbs.) Draw Length

String Length

Harness Length
Big Foot 42" Reflex

Lakota Dual Cams
Patent Pending

70% to 80% 50 to 75 29 to 32" 61" 42"
Bison 35" Reflex Lakota Dual Cams
Patent Pending
70% 55 to 75 28 to 31" 53" 35"
Oglala 35" Parallel Lakota Dual Cams
Patent Pending
70% 50 to 75 29 to 31" 53" 35"
Thunder 32" Reflex Lakota Dual Cams
Patent Pending
65% 50 to 75 27 to 30" 52" 34"
Eagle Wings
New for 2006



Lakota Dual Cams
Patent Pending


50 to 75

28 to 31"



New for 2006
36" Reflex Lakota Dual Cams
Patent Pending
65% 50 to 75 28 to 31" 55.1/4" 37.1/4"


Model Brace Height Physical Weight (lbs) String Material Prestretched Camo Patterns
Big Foot 7" 4.3


**Montana Camo
Bison 6.5" 3.45 BCY8125 **Montana Camo
Oglala 7.75" 3.45 BCY8125 **Montana Camo
Thunder 6" 3.10 BCY8125 **Montana Camo
Eagle Wings
New for 2006
6.75" 3.85 BCY8125 **Montana Camo
New for 2006
6" 3.45 BCY8125 **Montana Camo

Our Bows


Big Foot

Big Foot is a bow specifically designed to be smooth and forgiving. It is a target archers dream. Despite its 42 inch axle-to-axle length, Big Foot is stomping its competition for long A-to-A bows with IBO speeds of 315 fps. The bow is accomplishing this feat with an amazing 75% letoff. No other target bow even comes close to replicating these speeds at 30 inch draw at 65 lbs. Arrow weight is using the standard 5 grains per pound equation.


Bison is Lakota Archery’s premium speed bow and is a 35 inch axle-to-axle powerhouse. The Lakota people always looked toward the Bison for their support and sustenance. If hunting is what you are into, the Bison will offer you the same advantage. You can’t find a better 320-plus fps bow anywhere that provides the speed and stability of an IBO/hunting style bow. Best of all, this bow offers a 70% letoff at these speeds.


Oglala is a parallel limb bow with plenty of attitude. As its namesake implies, it is steeped in tradition and honors a proud and magnificent tribe of the Lakota people. The Oglala boasts a 35 inch axle-to-axle length and produces speed of 318 plus using IBO standards.


Thunder is the shortest axle-to-axle offering by Lakota Archery. It uses the same patent-pending dual cam system and measure 32 inches axle-to-axle. Don’t let the short stature fool you; it is packed with the same energy that makes up all of the Lakota Archery bows at a respectable 315 fps using IBO standards.

 Eagle Wings

The new Eagle Wings is now available! This bow is as deadly serious as they come. The bow measures 40 inches axle-to-axle and absolutely screams. Recent bow testing using IBO standards had this bird casting arrows in excess of 330 fps with an amazing letoff of 70%. The astonishing feature of the Eagle Wings is the quietness with which it delivers the arrow. Eagle Wings will definitely make an impression in more ways than one in the archery community.


Takini is an extremely versatile bow that fits every archer's needs, whether target, 3D or hunting. The bow has a smooth draw, and is very accurate and forgiving.  It is also amazingly fast at 320-plus fps using IBO standards.

Lakota Archery boasts a new patent-pending dual cam system with a machined bearing pocket retainer system. The bows are very easy to tune and have eight modules that can be used for adjusting draw and poundage on each bow.


  • Two piece laser engraved grip
    The grip on Lakota bows is slim and designed with a very comfortable heel. The laser engraved logo is set in either walnut or wood camo.

  • Lakota Cams
    All Lakota Archery bows feature our patent-pending dual bearing pocketed cams.
    Lakota bowstrings and cables are made of the finest material available. There is very little stretch and they will perform with the best of the high-dollar aftermarket strings.
  • Proof of Speed
    Every bow built by Lakota Industries is shot and chronographed. Every speed is recorded and presented on the bow limb. It does not get any more honest than that!

*Draw weight can be reduced to 25 to 40 lbs. if desired.

**Lakota Bows proudly uses Ghost series Montana camo on all of its products. These patterns include:

  • Ridge Ghost
  • Prairie Ghost
  • Snow Ghost
  • Northwoods Ghost

    Additional patterns are available upon request. Call for availability.

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