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There is a nearly endless choice of finishes that can be created combining base coat color, film-based pattern and top coat. In addition to camo patterns, we can also do a variety of burl wood and wood grains, $100 bills, American flags, marble effects, carbon fibers, checkerboard patterns and many more.

Please note that for some copyrighted patterns, especially certain copyrighted camo patterns, the paint color is specified by the pattern’s owner and may not be changed. For other patterns, such as carbon fiber, many different effects are possible based on selection of base color.

Some Popular Patterns

Pattern Name Manufacturer Picture
Ridge Ghost Ultimate Montana Camo
Prarier Ghost Ultimate Montano Camo
Snow Ghost Montano Camo
River Ghost Montano Camo
Northwoods Ghost Montano Camo
Superflauge Game Lynch Worldwide
Transition 4D Tru-Woods Camouflage
Blaze Wing Mothwing Camo Technology
Canyon Mimicry Mothwing Camo Technology
Marsh Mimicry Mothwing Camo Technology
Woodland Mimicry Mothwing Camo Technology
Fall Mimicry Mothwing Camo Technology
Spring Mimicry Mothwing Camo Technology
Autumn Aspen Rocky Mountain Camouflage
Brush County Big Rack Trading Company
Mossy Oak Original Breakup Haas Outdoors
Mossy Oak New Breakup Haas Outdoors
Mossy Oak Obsession Haas Outoodrs
Cowboy Camo (mfg.)
Fall Copper Snake Skin Illusions
Spring Leaf Camo royalty-free
Fall Leaf Camo royalty-free

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