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Pricing Policy

Decota Finishes prices are dependent on several factors: one is pattern, another is the size and shape of the part that the pattern is to applied to. Some patterns are royalty-free, while other patterns are the property of a third party to whom an additional fee must be paid: using a royalty pattern increases your price.  A price can only be guaranteed if you provide us with a sample part to decorate with the design of your choice.  Written or verbal price estimates are available upon request and are encouraged before you ship parts to Lakota Industries, Inc. for decoration.


Shipping and handling charges will be paid for by the customer.

Your payment plan must be agreed to in advance of work being started.

Acceptable  payment methods are:

  • Electronic funds transfer

  • Wire transfer

  • PayPal

  • Online bill payment through your own bank

  • Company, cashiers or personal check or money orders

  • COD if mutually agreed to prior to work being started


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